Bandera Library Celebrates 14th Annual WILD HOG EXPLOSION

Yeah, Bandera is sort of different when it comes to events.  For such a small town, there is an event almost every moth of the year and they are always different and exceptionally exciting!  So, if you have not been to the Annual Wild Hog Explosion, well, get ready!   It’s squeals and spills at the 14th annual Wild Hog Explosion and All Bike Rally! Scheduled for the last Saturday of Spring Break...

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Have Goat? Make Soap!

Turning Goat’s Milk into Sudsy Bars

Perry (left) and Hazel Kuebel work together to cut and label their handmade soaps made from goats milk produced on their Blanco farm.

For generations, the Kuebel family has called Blanco County home. Their 60-acre farm, located just about four miles west of Blanco, is home to four generations, all of whom work together tending to the variety of livestock and pets that share the land that overlooks the Blanco River....

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Finding the Right Christmas Tree

Picking out the perfect Christmas tree can be tough. The ideal tree varies wildly from person to person – short, tall, wide, narrow, cedar, fir, pine, real, fake…the list goes on. We may not get Christmas snow in the Texas Hill Country, but we do have beautiful trees. Here’s a list to help make the search for ‘the one’ just a tad bit easier. ...

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I have been blessed to hunt in the hill country my entire life.  I was born in San Saba County in the late sixties and have hunted here ever since.  I loved it so much in fact, I have turned my avocation into my vocation. So I now get to hunt worldwide, but there is no place else like home....

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First Hunt

"Tuck the stock in tight to your shoulder, move your head forward until you have a good sight picture with no black around the edges. Take a deep breath, let half of it out, hold the rest, and slowly squeeze the trigger, while keeping the crosshairs steady where you want the bullet to go."My son's best friend, Mason, was sitting at my sighting-in table, his lanky frame folded up like a pretzel,

Christmas in the Hill Country

Follow the Lights

It is always with great anticipation that I wait for the first lights of the Holiday season. My Christmas memories always include at least one drive to ooh and ah over beautiful strings of lights that adorned homes.I grew up where homes dotted the landscape in the middle of cotton fields. I always thought it was cool to see a home, lit up in twinkling lights, way off in the distance, standing

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