The quarterly Texas Hill Country magazine is the only truly regional magazine for the Texas Hill Country, and its wide variety of upbeat, family-friendly stories, all accompanied by spectacular Hill Country photography, makes it appealing to residents and visitors alike.

There are lots of good reasons to advertise in the Texas Hill Country magazine:

  • Very competitive rates.
  • Circulation of more than 20,000, and rising steadily.
  • Enthusiastic reader response, with hundreds of complimentary letters and calls.
  • Copies sold in Walmart, H.E.B., Super S, Walgreen's, Hastings, Barnes & Noble and other retailers all around Texas.
  • Top-quality coated paper and state-of-the-art printing to showcase the spectacular photographs and colorful ads.
  • Eager participation from accomplished free-lance writers and photographers.
  • Workable plans for nationwide bookstore distribution in the near future.

We at the Texas Hill Country magazine are very proud of the fact that our readers include all ages and most demographic groups (from all around Texas and the U.S.), who love the Hill Country and want to explore its attractions. Our readers are characterized by a high level of education, and the time and the means to take advantage of the Hill Country's attractions.

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